About us

Welcome to our web, we are very grateful for your visit. Our company is dedicated to boat rental with captain and crew or without them and our aim is to satisfy all the expectatives that could have our customers about a charter in the Mediterranean sea. We want to make you enjoy the paradisiac places hidden between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera: our beaches with white sands, our coasts, and this sea with turquoise color and crystalline waters that you will sail on board of the boat more appropriated to your desires. For this we have a wide selection of boats  with kind and discreet professionals (which is very important) who have a wide experience, knowing not only the most popular places but as well the most solitary and hidden corners. They are able to counsel you at the moment of choosing a beach, a restaurant, or a place to dive , to make snorkelling or even a hidden corner to be unnoticed.

We also offer the possibility of sharing a boat. This is thought for all those people who have come to the islands alone, or with a couple and for any reason don’t have a group of friends or family who like sailing.

Renting a boat in this way is not only cheaper (because you share the price with the other passengers) but it opens the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and share exciting experiences in the unforgettable frame of the beauty that has the nature in this islands of the Mediterranean sea.

To make you easy your election we give you the following information:

Launch or motor boats:  They are fast, ideal to go and return in the day.Not always have cabins with beds, so not always you can pass the night on them. Not always have bathroom or kitchen. Most of them don’t admit more than 8 people (captain included).

Sailing ship: They are slower because they depend on the wind. Fuel spend is very reduced for the same reason. They are ideal to pass the night on them. They have kitchen and bathroom

Catamaran:They have better stability because they sail over to skates (they don’t reel).They have more room (big central room).They have 2 motors so more working of the ship and more power to sail.

Yacht:Usually they are more luxury and more comfortable.They are very fast.Possible to pass th night ( they have cabins with beds).They have bathrooms and kitchens.They admit till 12 people (captain included).Is more expensive the rent and they spend more fuel

Things to have in mind before choosing a boat:

    1. Time. Choose the place where to go and the nearest base port from where is more convenient to start according to the time that will last the sailing.
    2. Quantity of people. Choose the boat according with the number of passengers allowed in that type of boat. The captain counts as one place. Charter boats normally are not allow more than 11 passengers ( 12 with the captain).
    3. Speed of the boat. If you rent for one day a slow boat (ex: with vessels) it will take more time in arriving to destination, so you will be more time sailing than in the chosen place.
    4. Fuel spend. Is not included in the price of the rent because it depends on where you want to go (how far is of the base port).
    5. Dinghy. When you have anchored in a beach, is the little auxiliary boat you need to arrive to the sand. If the boat doesn’t have you will have to reach it swimming because of the drauglit of the boat will not permit to arrive nearer
    6. All that is included in the price and all that is not