Boat rental

We propose a wide range of boats to rent covering all tastes and needs of our clients to make them enjoy a charter exploring the landscapes and beaches from Ibiza and Formentera.

Motor boats (different length): yachts, speedboats and semi­rigid boats.

Sailing vessels: catamarans, sailing boats and schooners.

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Boats for sale

We offer the boats for sale in Ibiza whether are motor boats or sailing vessels.

We intercede in the possible negotiations between owner and buyer in order to arrive to a good agreement valid for both parts.

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House rental

We propose an extensive range of houses to rent, villas and apartments situated in different areas all over Ibiza island to make you enjoy unforgettable holidays.

Here you’ll find a superluxury villa as well as a country house or an apartament to rent by week or month according to your needs.

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Car rental

Without any doubt the best way to explore Ibiza is renting a car to have the maximum freedom to plan your daily excusions or any spontaneous will.

We offer an excellent variety of modern and new cars and we suggest you to book in advance because of the high demand on summer season

Sin duda la mejor manera de conocer Ibiza es alquilar un coche para disfrutar de la máxima libertad a la hora de planificar las excursiones diarias o una salida espontánea.

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Our company is dedicated to boat rental with captain and crew or without them and our aim is to satisfy all the expectatives that could have our customers about a charter in the Mediterranean sea. We want to make you enjoy the paradisiac places hidden between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

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Things to have in mind before choosing a boat:

Launch or motor boats

They are fast, ideal to go and return in the day.Not always have cabins with beds, so not always you can pass the night on them. Not always have bathroom or kitchen. Most of them don’t admit more than 8 people (captain included).

Sailing ships

They are slower because they depend on the wind. Fuel spend is very reduced for the same reason. They are ideal to pass the night on them. They have kitchen and bathroom.


Navegan sobre 2 patines por lo cual la estabilidad a bordo es superior (no escoran).Tienen mayor espacio habitable (gran salón central).Tienen 2 motores por tanto mayor maniobrabilidad y potencia para navegar.


Usually they are more luxury and more comfortable.They are very fast.Possible to pass th night ( they have cabins with beds).They have bathrooms and kitchens.They admit till 12 people (captain included).Is more expensive the rent and they spend more fuel.

Villas Rental

If your intention is to spend a few days on the island of Ibiza with luxury, we have a vast amount of Villas to make your stay most enjoyable.